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The Pursuit of Theological Clarity


     More Christians than ever are growing suspicious of the faith with which they were brought up; they are deeply questioning everything they once held as true. Moreover, those who are more or less free from doubt nevertheless find themselves living in a world of ever-increasing theological complexity and obscurity. And with good reason, for on one side, countless churches and leaders have fallen into oblivion and left people destitute, and on the other side, secular thought and challenges have seemingly torn holes in the supposedly unified fabric of ordinary Christian faith. As a result, Christians have radically deconstructed their faith, wrestling with questions and convictions with fresh perspectives, but sometimes without a plan for putting the broken pieces back together.

     I can relate. I have and still am deconstructing my faith, I’ve had my foundations shaken to the core, I know that theology isn’t simple and that a faithful life isn’t easy. But God hasn’t abandoned me. I still seek to know him, and more, he still seeks to know me. That’s why my friend Dan Koch and I started the Reconstruct podcast—where we can share our theological and philosophical perspectives to help others find clarity in the midst of complexity, to find unity in the midst of disagreement, to find an emerging edifice in the midst of rubble. Head over and have a listen, I hope you enjoy.

     John Raines is a Master of Arts in Theology student at Fuller Theological Seminary, co-host of the podcast Reconstruct, and blogs at Profitable Discourse. He lives with his wife in Seattle, Washington.

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